Car Top Roof Carriers
(aka Spock Boxes)
for all your luggage and other cargo carrying needs
the best of 2013/2014

7001 Go Pack Cargo Bags
(Set of 4)

by Thule

Sturdy, roomy and they all fit perfect in the Thule car top carrier. After shopping around various stores for similar bags, and they were all $30-$40. I got 4 of these for a little over $100. Fantastic deal, especially if you consider they fit perfectly into the Thule car top carrier by default. They are built from the tent material - tarpaulin, so they have an added durability to them.

Go Pack CaRgo BAgs

Spock Boxes: Definition: looks like the box Admiral Spock was shot into space in while a "bagpipe laden" memorial services was conducted to honor him in Star Trek II - "The Wrath of Khan."

Okay, so what's the main problem with the way most spock boxes are mounted?

Most car owners, actually more like 99.95%, attach their car top carriers backwards! Don't feel too bad, even the corporations that make these roof racks promote this backwardness. But they are on aerodynamically backwards!!!

This is what we mean and what you can do about it...

The nose of all aircrafts are rounded, all trailing edges are tapered. The reason is that is aerodynamicallys more efficient. It saves fuel mostly. Rounded leading edges and tapered trailing edges cut wind resistance and reduce fuel usage dramatically.

If car owners who have "spock boxes" would go with the "flow," and attach their Spock Boxes with the blunt end forward instead of the pointy end (which supposedly looks like it's slicing into the wind but it isn't), think how much gasoline this might save every year!

Rising fuel costs are taking a bite out of everyone's paychecks - let's at least do this much for ourselves to increase our own fuel efficiency!

* * *

Car Top Roof Carriers / Car Roof Racks for all your luggage and other cargo needs. When your car is too full, you need to get a great roof top unit for your car, suv or van! Maximize your storage capacity by using one of these fantastic units! Great for trips or just around town! These units lock for greater security! However, for the most part, car owners install them backwards. The way they install is fuel-inefficient and they need to be installed with the blunt end toward the front of the car to increase your car's fuel efficiency and by cutting down on wind drag. The article Spockboxes outlines the reasons for this and tells you how to mount your car top roof carrier correctly to reduce wind resistance.

We have the Car Top carrier
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07203 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag
by Keeper

The Keeper Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag protects your gear against road grit, sun, wind and rain. With 15 cu ft of space, this Cargo Bag lets you add extra storage room when you need it most. Its 4 cambuckle straps provide secure attachment at high speeds.

07203 WaterProof RooF ToP CarGo BaG

The Best Car Roof Top Carriers
available for cars, vans, trucks and SUV's

Explorer Roof Box

by Sportrack

The A90275 carrier includes a single lock mechanism in the rear and measures 38" x 19" x 63" (W x H x D) and offers a maximum load of 110 lbs. It's a rear-opening cargo carrier that mounts to any rooftop crossbar. The Explorer Roof Box includes a U-bolt mounting bracket for easy attachment.


59150 Pursuit Folding Roof Top Carrier

by Rola

Rola Pursuit Folding Roof Top Carrier adds plenty of extra cargo space to cars, vans or SUV's and folds flat when you're not using it. Easy to assemble, 13.5 cubic feet of added capacity storage. This car top carrier features a 2-piece lightweight aluminum frame with tough rain proof material for added strength.


FarOut Rooftop Cargo Bag

by Yakima

The Yakima FarOut rooftop cargo bag attaches easily safely to a car's roof rack for easy extra cargo. Suitable for use as carry-on luggage or a backpack, the FarOut Cargo Bag offers a quality quilted lid and base protecting your gear and vehicle. All that is necesssary to attach this cargo bag to a vehicle is a set of round or square crossbars or a factory car rack.


60001 RackSack Cargo Carrier

by WeatherTech

The 13 cubic foot WeatherTechRackSack expands your cargo carrying capacity. Measuring 39" x 32" x 18", it is constructed out of durable water repellent polyester. The RackSack packs away neatly in its own carrying bag. Swivel straps mount to the crossbar or side rails of any existing roof rack.

ISBN: B0002U2V1E

"I wish the Chase was right now because we are in championship form right now. We are very consistent, we are fighting, we are making good adjustments, great pit stops. I was a little disappointed; I really thought we were going to be better than that."

~Jeff Gordon, on his fourth-place finish

07203 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag - 15 Cubic Feet

by Keeper

The Keeper Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag protects your gear against road grit, sun, wind and rain. With 15 cu ft of space, this Cargo Bag lets you add extra storage room when you need it most. Its 4 cambuckle straps provide secure attachment at high speeds.

ASIN: B000H6P55W

A90095 Explorer Roof Box

by SportRack

Tough and spacious, this car top roof carrier is an ideal product for those who need more storage space than their car has. It is made of high-density polyethylene, a sturdy, long lasting material that stands up to bumps, rocks, and other obstacles of the road.


59101 Rain-Proof Car Top Rolling Duffle

by Rola

Rola Rain-Proof Car Top Rolling Duffle features a telescoping handle & smooth rolling wheels for easy management. 26" x 16" x 16" inch with 4 cubic feet of added cargo space and extra interior pockets for more versatility than most car top carriers.


867 Tahoe Rooftop Cargo Bag (roof bag)

by Thule

Water-resistant, durable construction with securely taped seams Roof-mounted cargo bag that expands from 15 to 17 cubic feet Attaches easily aftermarket or factory installed luggage racks Internal padding helps maintain bag shape for easier packing Collapses for storage in storage bag (included) Limited lifetime warranty



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Ascent 1600 Roof Top Box 2011
(ski box)

by Thule

The Thule Ascent 1600 is the best ski box for today's crossover vehicles with smaller roof lines. The new Quick Grip feature makes it simple to attach/detach from roof racks, and the openings on both sides make loading and unloading a breeze. ABS plastic, 16 cubic feet of storage, making for a durable and spacious storage area.

ASIN: B0042T1PZ4

601016 Soft Pack Roof Top Bag

by Lund

The Lund soft pack roof top bag is 39" x 32" x 18". It will give you up to 13 cu ft of added cargo room. A nylon & polyester bag that is easy to install on both factory or "after market" roof racks. The Soft Pack will fold swiftly away when you're not using it. Full length - 2-way zippers allow.

ISBN: B0002Z9QO4

SkyBox 12

by Yakima

The Yakima SkyBox 12 measures: 92" x 24" x 16" for an addition 12 cubic feet of storage space. Quick installation and "Super Latch Security" ensures your lid is secure to its base.


Frontloader Rooftop Bike Carrier

by Yakima

Safely transport your bike - whether its across the country or simply heading to your favorite trail. The Yakima Frontloader rooftop bike carrier is the most versatile rooftop bike mount. The Frontloader fits most crossbar types--including round, square, or factory crossbars. For added safety on the road, put your LucidBrake on your bike while traveling and it serve as an additional brake light for your car during transport.


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Review: The SportRack model number: A90275

The SportRack was very easy to mount on the Sequoia, and feels pretty sturdy (and watertight). Absolutely no wind noise or rattling could be heard inside the vehicle at 75 MPH. I bought it because the width and height makes it better for carrying family stuff than comparable size Thule or Yakima boxes, though it's not long enough for skis. Low price is a huge bonus. I also like that it opens from the back instead of the side, since on my tall vehicle the easiest way to reach the box is standing on the rear bumper. I looked at the big name boxes, and I can't see how they are worth 2.5x as much.

Product Features:

Mounts to any crossbar

Locking with single lock mechanism in rear

U -bolt mounting bracket kit included

L =63" , W = 38" , H = 19"

18 cubic foot capacity, ABS single shell construction suitable for general luggage and equipment